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Agricultural science and technology, fruit preservation technology, probiotics application, etc.
  • Technical advantages

    The use of excellent natural origin, through scientific domestication, to ensure safety, and conforms to the physical characteristics of the Chinese

    Grasp the high density culture patent and combine the metabolic regulation and control to keep the fine and high vigor of the strain.

    Using advanced strain protection and embedding to ensure high stability of bacteria

    The scientific formula is the basis for the product to be effective

  • Equipment advantage

    Advanced equipment, high precision equipment, such as liquid filling, powder filling and so on

    The production workshop system strictly adhered to the GMP standard for health food

    The factory uses aseptic systems to refrain from microbial contamination

    Flexible and diverse production and preparation to meet different needs

  • Management system

    Ensure the source safety of the raw materials and guarantee the quality of the products

    All in accordance with the GMP operation specification, the continuous introduction of excellent new formula

    Follow the rules of compatibility of ancient Chinese medicine to ensure that the characteristics of product formula are outstanding

    Strict product inspection and management to ensure the high quality of the product

  • OEM and processing

    Whatever you think, we will have it in the most professional way and never become possible.

    We build products that belong to your own brand from the research and development of products, production, processing and warehousing.

    From brand positioning, planning to product research and development, production, production, we are making all our efforts to create famous brands for you

    You do not need to worry about their extra burden we may, for your assistance to one step, until you solve all doubts

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We can provide the overall solution of the product application area

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